After reading this article, you’ll realize that life is not something that depends on your destiny. It is something you’re currently writing. Your life mainly depends on what you say and do. The truth is that life is a precious thing that can be changed as per your desire. It is because you are the author of your life story.

Dudu is evident that you’re here because of the curiosity to know about the Law of attraction, which runs throughout this universe. Dudu previously wrote about anger management. So don’t forget to check those out also.

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What is the Law of attraction?

What is the law of attraction?
What is the law of attraction?

Okay, let’s come to the point. Even now, you must be having questions like; ‘what’s this principle?’, ‘does this work surely?’ .Well, the Law of attraction is not a magical or a mysterious practice. It is a smart concept that gives fruitful results. It is a simple thing that can be easily explained.

The ability we possess to achieve a particular goal when we power our thoughts towards it can be called the Law of attraction. In other words, it is the process of us being given what we want, when we focus on those, by the creation itself.

Famous entrepreneur Dan Lok once said that the Law of attraction is just like gravity. It means this is always in effect throughout the universe, although we can’t feel it.

How does the Law of attraction work?

How does the law of attraction work?
How does the law of attraction work?

Before going too deep into this subject, let me give you a small piece of information. Everyone and everything that are attracted to you depends on your thoughts, experiences, beliefs, and wisdom.

When you cling to fine and optimistic thoughts, the world around you becomes better involuntarily. If your thoughts are not good, your surroundings can’t be good either. What you gain back is decided upon what you give out.

When you become an attractive person to your world, everything in your desires will be simply attracted to you. The Law of attraction can be applied in order to achieve the life you wish to have.

How to apply the Law of attraction into your life?

How to apply the Law of attraction into your life?
How to apply the Law of attraction into your life?

There may be thousands of things that you wish you had in your life. If so, how can we use this concept to obtain such stuff?

You have to follow five things to get the maximum benefit of the attraction law. We’ll consider a small example. It is similar to the way you hold the bat in a baseball game. You grip the bat by its handle, so you can hit the ball well. Now, imagine holding the bat by its other end. Do you think you’ll be able to hit the ball as before? Nope. That won’t work out so well.

Just like that, you have to focus on the relevant facts for the Law of attraction to function precisely. If not, you may not be able to gain the expected benefit.

Dudu thought it would be better just to introduce you to those five facts from this article. Otherwise, this will be too long for you guys to read. Don’t worry; I have explained these facts clearly in the 2nd article of this series. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it so appealing.

We’ll take a look at those five things Dudu previously mentioned.

  1. Imagination
  2. Confirmation bias
  3. Proper usage of the power of selection
  4. Focus and dedication towards goals
  5. Living in the desired life from now onwards

Now you must be wondering about all these! But you’ll get a sound idea after reading the next piece of work. You may even feel like, ‘why didn’t I think of that before?’. So, keep your fingers crossed to find out what’s in it! Dudu will give a small hint about that.

Law of attraction = Desire + Dedication

The 2nd article has already been published.

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