This is the second article of the Law of attraction series. You must be having a rough idea about this if you have referred our previous article. Don’t forget to read it first if you still haven’t.

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Let’s move straight to the point. Dudu hopes you can remember the five facts from the last article that should be considered when applying the attraction law into your life. Here’s a recap,

  1. Imagination
  2. Confirmation bias
  3. Proper usage of the power of selection
  4. Focus and dedication towards goals
  5. Living in the desired life from now onwards

Dudu is going to describe all these in detail.



For this, we don’t have to intentionally practice because we’re so much familiar with ‘dreaming’ since our birth! Dreams are much helpful when it comes to building our future. If you’re such a dreamer, you might be having a plan to be a particular person one day, or supposing about gaining something distinctive.

The most common example for us all is a typical ‘Dream car’. Obviously, you also must be having high expectations to buy a particular vehicle in your world of desires! The Law of attraction becomes handy at this point. Imagination is so important that you simply can’t forget it. It helps to create an image about your future, in your mind.

Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias
Confirmation bias

It’s quite natural for us to go into a deep search when we find someone or something interesting. The objective of doing so is to develop trust and interest in what we like. The mind tends to discover more about even the things you already know, to strengthen the familiarity regarding those matters. The truth is that you automatically find out what you want to know as a result of searching. That helps in enhancing your interests and views.

Famous entrepreneur Dan Lok once explained a similar scenario. Some time ago, his preferred vehicle had been a red Mazda RX8, about which he dreamt so much. After storing that picture inside the mind, Lok had understood something. It’s that he frequently saw Mazda RX8 vehicles wherever he went.

It’s time for you to ponder this incident. Did Lok see such cars just because so many people used to drive those by that time? Or, was he able to see Mazda RX8’s regularly, after he built up a desire on it, although these vehicles were there even before he started fantasizing? I hope you can understand that this scenario goes well with the latter incident, which proves the fact that our mind is like a filter. The mind is capable of sorting out what we admire, believe and concentrate on, out of all the other things. We take everything according to the way we prefer, without considering reality.

Proper usage of the power of selection

Proper usage of the power of selection
Proper usage of the power of selection

Let’s take rain as an example. Some people are fond of rain while some are not. When some people see thorns in rose bushes, some see roses in thorn bushes. Likewise, we usually tend to see the same thing in various angles. It is called the power of selection. Almost all of the elements in life depend on this.

Have you ever noticed that some people often have to face problems, while some do not have to? What makes a difference like this in a community? Is it the outer world or the inner world of the people? I hope you guessed it right. It’s the inner world that takes control in this case.

If we used the power of selection to see everything positively, our inner world becomes better involuntarily. That will make our surrounding better too. You’ll soon realize that most of your problems are the ones that were enhanced by your soul for no reason. As a person who experienced all this, Dudu can pour out this information with confidence.

We indeed get a good outcome if we did a generous deed. But if you think nothing will happen if we did nothing, then you’re wrong. Imagine that you have a land in which you grow rose plants. After some time, you’ll be able to have roses from your ground. But if you didn’t grow anything in it, it doesn’t mean that the land will stay the same without being a target spot for weeds. The same thing happens to our mind too. If you didn’t power your thoughts for a decent job, those could be automatically powered towards a corrupted matter, bringing you unfortunate issues.

The world inside us depends on what we choose. It influences the environment around us too. Hence, try to pick good stuff every time. See the positive side of life. Make sure to use the power of selection precisely, without giving trouble to yourself and others.

Focus and dedication towards goals

Focus and dedication towards goals
Focus and dedication towards goals

Two more facts influence your intentions, which can vary from person to person. If you didn’t maintain a balanced focus on these two facts, you wouldn’t be able to get the full profit of the attraction law. They are Desire and Dedication. These two together build up a strong foundation for the Law of attraction to function correctly.

The Law of Attraction = Desire + Dedication

Desire is the fact which gives us passion. Dedication gives us power. These can make you strong enough to achieve your aims. Try to find out a proper meaning in everything you get to know. Recognize your interests with the help of that. Pay attention to what you require. Focus on your targets and be dedicated to obtain the life you expect.

Living in your desired life from now onwards

Living in the desired life from now onwards
Living in your desired life from now onwards

Most of us tend to miss this vital part. Forgetting this is a complete nono if you want to get the expected gains from the Law of attraction.

You might be keeping your fingers crossed to make someone or something yours. It’s a very reasonable habit of us, humans. Let’s say you want to be in an excellent managerial position one day. If so, you should start thinking that you’re already a skilled manager. That vision will give you a push to accomplish your target. Remember that your dreams have no limit.

Dudu hopes you got the required knowledge after reading this. Do you like to explore more on this subject? Then check this out,

The Secret: Book – 2006

The Secret: Book - 2006
The Secret: book – 2006

This is a must-read book that teaches us a lot about being successful in life. Dudu doesn’t spoil its content. Get a copy and read it.

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Our all-time favourite celebrities like Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey and Lady Gaga are also among the ones who got flourishing results from this concept. Dudu knows that you can’t wait to say ‘Hello!’ to this useful notion. So, best of luck with that!

We’ll talk about positive thinking from the next chapter. Bye for now!