How do we get happiness? Have you ever thought about that? Is it just our mental health that has an effect on happiness? Today, Dudu’s going to talk about the happy hormones that are essential to be happy. Not in a biological manner, but in a simple way, everyone can understand.

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Actually, what is behind our happiness? Only the stuff we say, do, or experience? Nope. A number of chemical processes occur inside our brain due to those facts. As a result, we obtain the feeling named happiness. The secretion of some hormones inside our body is the reason for the chemical procedure. These hormones help us to be happy. Therefore, these are simply called happy hormones. Now, let’s discuss about happy hormones and the things we can daily do for the proper secretion of those.

The feel-good hormone: Dopamine

The feel-good hormone: Dopamine
Happy hormones – The feel-good hormone: Dopamine

This is the hormone behind your happiness, liveliness, and motivation. We all know that there’s coordination between the brain and the body due to the function of the Nervous system. So, Dopamine gives a considerable contribution to the proper transmission of signals inside the body. Decrement of releasing this hormone causes problems in the above process.

Dopamine has an impact on your daily behavior and desires. It gives you a push to learn something new. Also, it paves the way for a healthy sleep. If you frequently experience delays, feel underestimated about yourself or feel like there’s no kick in life, the reason must be the decrement of Dopamine secretion, which causes depression too.

These methods will help you for a better Dopamine outcome.

  • Sleep 6-9 hours a day

Tip: You may have heard the name ‘sleep cycles’. While sleeping, after each time-lapse of 1 hour and 30 minutes, you complete a sleep cycle. The most important thing about this is, if you woke up at the end of a certain sleep cycle, it would be helpful for you to get a dynamic start. Also, it would be more convenient if you can use night time for sleeping.

  • Exercise daily
  • Celebrate your victories
  • Recall your joyful memories
  • Be optimistic about your targets

Tip: Divide your big targets into smaller parts. Pay attention to each of those, one at a time. Then it would be easier for you to acquire your goals.

The rejuvenating hormone: Endorphins

The rejuvenating hormone: Endorphins
Happy hormones – The rejuvenating hormone: Endorphins

Endorphin has a significant impact on the strength you need to perform tasks on a daily basis. This hormone helps you save the happy mood. Also, it involves controlling stress.

Follow these for a better Endorphin secretion.

  • Exercise daily.
  • Laugh a lot.
  • Spend an entertaining daily routine.

Recent studies have revealed that eating dark chocolates can stimulate the secretion of this hormone. Great news for dark chocolate lovers!

The cuddle hormone: Oxytocin

The cuddle hormone: Oxytocin
Happy hormones – The cuddle hormone: Oxytocin

This influences having feelings about someone, building up trust & close relationships. Oxytocin is the reason for romantic ties and strong social interactions. It leads you to search for the needs of your loved ones.

Why is it called the cuddle hormone? I hope you guessed it right! Oxytocin is released when you hug someone. Although it happens when hugging, the same thing doesn’t happen when you shake hands with another person. Receiving a worthy gift also causes Oxytocin to be released. By the word ‘worthy’ Dudu didn’t mean that it should be something pricey, but valuable to a particular person.

Tip: Offer your close ones a simple gift & hug them tight, so you can make your bonds stronger. Dudu thinks it would be better if you can present something invaluable.

The desire-controlling hormone: Serotonin

The desire-controlling hormone: Serotonin
Happy hormones – The desire-controlling hormone: Serotonin

You feel an absolute pleasure about your day-to-day life, thanks to this hormone. It makes you feel how precious you are. It makes you feel happy about your good qualities.

When there’s a deficiency of this hormone, you tend to feel lonely, dissatisfied, and dull about the life. It causes depression too. Low attentiveness towards a better health condition causes Serotonin deficiency.

This hormone mainly lets you be calm. You may have had stressful, annoying days. Who knows? You may probably have such days in the future too. If you want to escape from that stress and irritation, recall the good deeds you’ve done and cheerful moments you’ve faced. Recall your accomplishments. Voila! Serotonin will be in action.

  • Write a letter praising someone special to you. The grateful feeling will please you.
  • Be exposed to the morning sunlight. Vitamin D can stimulate Serotonin secretion.
  • Healthy sleeping also enhances Serotonin production.

Tip: Make arrangements to observe sunrise and sunset. It would help to release happy hormones.

Dudu hopes you got to know some details regarding happy hormones. Let’s discuss your ideas & also problems in the comment section.

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