Happiness is a fact that takes a very important role in our lives. From birth to death, we crave for that. Don’t we? It’s not a secret that everyone tries to find happiness.

Dudu thinks that every decision is taken and everything is done by us all, in order to be happier than we are now. According to Dudu, happiness is the satisfaction towards the way you live at the moment. If you’re satisfied with what you’re now, you are a happy dude. Well, if it’s the opposite of that, you’re not a happy dude. Dudu found a quote;

“ Happiness is the satisfaction towards one’s own self. ”

– Lord buddha

What if we can buy happiness? People will stand in long queues near supermarkets or grocery stores, just to buy it. If so, rich and mighty people will be the only ones who’re lucky enough to be happy. But, it’s not true every time as there are even well-off people among us, who live in misery every day. Dudu thinks, by reading this, you’ll get the hang of things we can do to be happier.

Recognize the ways you can be happy

Recognize the ways you can be happy
Recognize the ways you can be happy

First of all, identify what brings you satisfaction. But that might not be an easy task. Think about the stuff that immediately popped into your mind when considering the above fact. Did those include a brand new car, a mansion, an honours degree, a romantic love affair?

Well, Dudu had that kind of imaginations! Just consider the fact whether the things you got in your mind can actually make you happy or not. Sometimes it won’t bring you an ultimate happiness. Sometimes it will bring you a happiness which won’t last for so long. This story will give you an explanation.

Dudu’s Phone (a story)

Dudu's Phone
Dudu’s Phone

Dudu bought a new phone in 2015, which was released in September of the previous year. Dudu had a great desire to own one. So he had to wait for a few months to buy it. Finally, the dream came true after paying a huge amount. The proud owner had nothing beyond his new mobile phone and lived in bliss, thinking it’s his whole life! Dudu used the new phone very carefully. It’s the same thing Dudu is still using. Thanks to its super performance, it could be used without any flaw. But now, the phone doesn’t make Dudu happy as it did before. So, Dudu doesn’t care even if it is broken.

Consider this story. Something that can be a reason for your happiness today won’t be the same tomorrow. So, you have to understand what brings you eternal happiness. 

Tip: Insert an activity that makes you happy, into your daily routine. It will be relaxing to you when you engage daily in it.

Select the accurate way to be happy

Select the accurate way to be happy
Select the accurate way to be happy

Did you seek whether you’re trying to find happiness in the actual place or not? Have you ever heard about how Nasruddin searched for his lost ring? Here’s the story.

Nasruddin’s Lost Ring (a story)

Nasrudidn's lost ring
Nasruddin’s lost ring

Once upon a time, there was a man named Nasruddin who had many friends. One day, a friend who was passing Nasrudeen’s house, saw him in the garden trying to find something. “ Nasruddin, what are you doing?” the friend asked after calling him. “I’m searching for my lost ring. Can you please help me?” was Nasruddin’s reply. The two friends started their search but had no luck in finding the ring before nightfall. The friend said, “Tell me where you lost it.”. “In the kitchen.” Nasrudin replied. “Then why in the earth are you searching it here in the garden?” the friend asked. “I can’t clearly see because it’s too dark in the kitchen. But, just because I wanted my ring back, I started searching. Doing something is better than doing nothing” Nasrudeen said. 

People search in wrong places, expecting to find happiness, just as in this story.

Dudu’s Sister (a story)

Dudu's Sister
Dudu’s Sister

There’s a cousin sister of Dudu, who loves gardening and has a flower garden like home garden. But she was grief-stricken because she couldn’t find enough time to do gardening, due to her office work. She didn’t want to give up her job because she couldn’t lose her income. But at last, she discovered her genuine happiness, after saying goodbye to the job and starting a mosaic plant business in the cleared garage of her house. Now she’s so pleased because she has plenty of time to do gardening. Her business is also successful.

Due to misunderstandings, we might be trying to find happiness in a wrong place. Therefore, think whether you’re seeking in the right place or not. Try to find ways to earn happiness. One day, you’ll find the ideal lifestyle that matches you, which will give the ultimate pleasure.

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