About Us

Welcome to Dudu’s World!

I’m the narrator. I have to say something about Dudu’s World. Dudu’s World is a digital platform producing informative content. Dudu is the one who created Dudu’s World. He wanted to share his knowledge with everyone in the World. Dudu’s World created in 2016 as a magazine article in Dudu’s school by Dudu. When it was designed, Dudu was just a 17-year-old boy.

Beginning in August 2016, he started his researches in science, technology and human relations. During this time, Factor-Inwentash faculty at the University of Toronto awarded Dudu a scholarship to learn more about Human Relations Because of his high interest. He took that opportunity to improve his knowledge of human relationships and how to deal with people.

Dudu wrote lots of articles about amazing facts and got great feedback from readers. Finally, he established this media revolution in 2019 to bring those great stories worldwide.